What's next

Want to help us to spread our message ?

You can participate in two different ways:

1. Organise an exhibition of MarePlurale in your area.
MarePlurale is meant to be exhibited in public places where it can be seen by as many people as possible. It should ideally be installed in a vast public space or square allowing viewers to both look at the artwork from a distance and get closer to it to explore the individual portraits.

Even if embedded in a local context, MarePlurale is inspired by a wider perspective and is meant to go beyond the borders of the territory where it was firstly conceived and realised. The recurring reference to the Mediterranean sea reflects an idea of diversity, cultural richness and coexistence but at the same time points at what has recently become the symbol of closing borders and deadly journeys. 

This work is available to local or international associations, NGOs and private or public institutions that may be interested in its exhibition.

The photomosaic comes in a high-resolution file that can be easily printed on different supports and in various formats (including in very big format) depending on the exhibition needs. 

For open air exhibitions, printing on PVC banner is recommended as it ensures a weatherproof and easy to transport structure while containing costs. Installation is simple and can be done, for example, on a wall or on a special aluminum frame, using elastic bands. Some printed copies of the photomosaic are already available in the following sizes:

3,5 m side, 4m side and 5m side. 

2. Replicate the project within your area or community, supporting a local workshop to realise a new version of MarePlurale!

MarePlurale is a workshop with an itinerant and international vocation; it has the potential of being replicated in other realities of the Mediterranean impacted by dynamics linked to migration and reception, with a view to expanding its message while taking into account the specificities of each local environment. The project can be easily integrated in the activities of any organization or structure involved or interested in reception processes. It represents an opportunity to value and raise awareness about their role, create new opportunities for interaction and exchange between communities, and also foster synergies between different social and cultural initiatives.